Next Generation Shipyards has developed its own design of commercial work boats. Our instantly recognizable NG vessels are built under certification and meet all current requirements for the professional user. The concept we have developed can be adapted to suit your requirements. There is an NG vessel suitable for every application and commercial use. These include taxi boats, crew tenders or specialist survey vessels. Some of our designs are also suitable for recreational use.


Next Generation Shipyards provides comprehensive service and maintenance for all types of vessels. The NG Ship Repair service is aimed at quickly solving problems, locally whenever possible. In addition to regular and preventative maintenance, we can carry out checks or provide advice. Our large premises on the outer harbour at Lauwersoog makes most sizes of maintenance work possible.

With our broad knowledge and flexible deployment we are able to assist our customers both in and out of the Netherlands.


Next Generation Shipyards advises, mediates and facilitates in the purchase or sale of high quality vessels. NG Shipbroker makes use of their extensive networking experience with specific private and professional markets. We work solely on a commission basis.
We can carry out pre-purchase inspections and hull thickness measurements for you. We also have experience in re-registering, exporting and importing ships. For more information, please contact us.


The Next Generation Ship Lift operates in the outer harbour of Lauwersoog. The lift is the largest in the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern Germany. It is capable of lifting ships up to 240 tons.

NG Ship Lift is an independent company lifting and storing vessels for NG Shipyards and CIV, both located on the outer harbour of Lauwersoog. There is plenty of scope for loading and unloading, repair, maintenance and storage in the area around the lift.


NG Shipyards take our responsibilities seriously and this is reflected in our core principles which can be summarized as respect, openness and commitment. These well established values are also communicated to and expected from our employees.


NG Shipyards strives for a healthy and transparent business and will take advantage of opportunities for a better environment and well-being of our employees. When carrying out our activities, we give considerable attention to environmental aspects and the design of our workplaces.


NG Shipyards takes climate change seriously and is working as a partner with the Foundation Wadduurzaam , together with TU Delft and Joint Venture Earth, to make the completely fossil-free ship Ecolution.


No Limit 1550 Nautilus

Nieuw in de verkoop. Zeewaardig en zeer goed onderhouden.
Lees hier de specificaties

NG Explorer klasse te water

De NG Explorer “Wild Thing” is voltooid en te water gelaten.
De proefvaarten zijn zeer succesvol verlopen en het schip voldoet aan alle verwachtingen en gestelde doelen.
Verslag van de bouw NG 29



Offshore Energy

25 en 26 oktober – RAI Amsterdam
U kunt ons vinden in de straat van de Dutch Ocean Group.
Hall 2 stand 2.051.

Hiswa te water 2016

30 augustus t/m 4 september – NDSM werf Amsterdam
Met o.a. de presentatie van de NG 29 Explorer

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