NG Shipyards is very aware of the ecological footprint that we leave behind. Aviation and shipping are together responsible for 8% of global CO2 emissions with planes accounting for more than half of this. Shipping can be one of the least environmentally damaging forms of transport but there is always a cost and although aviation and shipping have not been included in climate agreements, we feel it is our duty to develop techniques within our possibilities to promote sustainable shipping.

NG Shipyards remains active in researching and making use of useful techniques that lead to shortened transit times or even the use of alternatives to fossil fuels in ships. One of these alternatives is the production, storage and use of hydrogen as a source of ship’s fuel. It could be a good solution to the problem and to study its viability we work in partnership with the Foundation Wadduurzaam, together with TU Delft and Joint Venture Earth. The ultimate aim of the project is to make the sailing ship Ecolution (Wubo Ockels) fossil free. NG Shipyards is responsible for the project which is supported by the WWF and ESA . The challenge for Joint Venture Earth is a CO2 free Ecolution, which they hope to sail around the North Pole in one season, a journey that has become feasible due to climate change. The journey will be televised and it is hoped that attention will be drawn to the world’s CO2 problem. By working in this way to raise awareness we also hope to promote ways to preserve our planet.


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