The new NG Endurance meets the increasing demand for efficient and comfortabele transfer from people and goods over longer distances to the wind farms. The monomaran has a unique, optimized hull form that combines the advantages of a monohull with those of a catamaran. The vessel operates in a compulsory area up tot 100 nautical miles from the coast line and can be very heavily used in bad weather under severe sea conditons.

Under all weather conditions, the NG Endurance is able to be sailed and manoeuvred by single-man bridge control, being the ‘Navigator’. As a result of this, the NG Endurance has an allround view for the captain.

The NG Endurance is highly manoeuvrable at full speed as well as alongside a ship/quay or against the pole. She provides a safe embarkation and disembarkation of crew and industrial workers in ship-to-ship operations or ship to windfarms in seas up to 2.5 m. significant wave height.


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