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NG Shipyards designs and builds as well as maintaining and repairing work boats up to 30 metres. An important issue for us is the continuing search for durable applications and technologies to reduce our ecological footprint. We find it a challenge to apply all our specialist knowledge and for that reason we spend time and energy in various initiatives and projects. The further development of the yacht Ecolution is one example of this commitment.

Our company consists of motivated employees who are all skilled in the field of shipbuilding and ship repair. We work within a non-hierarchical structure, are hard working, knowledgeable and flexible and are well able to look after our customers in a responsible manner. NG Shipyards has joined the Koninklijke Metaal Unie and operates under the regulations of the Metaalunie Algemene Voorwaarden and the CAO Metaal en Techniek.

We are an approved work placement for students up to apprenticeship level 3 and see it as part of our role to regularly mentor BBL students. We continually seek to deepen our own knowledge and to find ways to better serve the professional market. To aid these objectives we are members of the Dutch Ocean Group (DOG) and the Hydrografic Society Benelux (HSB).


NG Shipyards wants to do business in a socially responsible manner. To de so we use established standards and values which are constantly communicated to our employees. Our core values can be summarized into respect, openness and involvement.



NG Shipyards strives for a healthy transparent business operation and wants to use opportunities for a better environment and better well-being of the employees. In carrying out our activities we give ample attention to environmental aspects and to the design of our workplaces.


NG Shipyards is serious about climate change and therefore works as one of the partners in the Wadduurzaam Foundation to make the ship Ecolution completely free of fossil fuels and turn it into the flagship of sustainability while focussing on introducing hydrogen solutions.

Albert Keizer

Albert Keizer

NG General and Commercial Director

Owner and founder of NG Shipyards, Albert has over 17 years experience in ship building as general and technical director. He has a specialist knowledge of multibeam systems and their integration in to hydrographic research vessels. Under his supervision and responsibility, vessels built include those used by Geo Plus Scheemda, Jan de Nul Aalst, Bravehaert Shipping Urk, Urban Planning Qatar, MMT MRTS Sweden and Russia. In addition, Albert is very directly involved in the construction and development of the yacht Ecolution on behalf of the late Wubbo Ockels.

Lina Keizer

Lina Keizer

Office Manager, Finance and Administration

For several years Lina managed the accounts and records of a number of horticultural companies. In addition to her work at NG, she works part time for the Merchant Logisticgs Group BV as team leader in their accounts department. Lina is responsible for finance, accounting and payroll in the NG businesses. She also carries out tasks in support of management, production, HR and PR.

Dirk Keizer

Dirk Keizer

Project Manager, Ship Repair and Engineering

Dirk has over 10 years experience in ship building as a planner and project manager. Under his leadership ships including pilot tenders for the Loodswezen have been built. Also Dirk project managed and co-developed the yacht Ecolution commissioned by the late Wubbo Ockels (Ecolution BV). Assignments such as organizing the workshop, restoration of ships and technical drawings are all in excellent hands with him. Dirk has sound technical knowledge and is an exceptional project manager and engineer.

Herman Boonstra

Herman Boonstra

Manager New Build Production Line and P & O

Herman has been in the shipbuilding industry for some 15 years. In this time he has gained experience in managing the construction process, planning, product and personnel matters. He has been responsible for the build of many new vessels both for the recreational and professional markets. Herman has excellent technical skills and a good organizational insight. He knows how to put the right man in the right place.

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