The NG Ship Lift is situated in the outer harbour at Lauwersoog. The elevator stands above a 10 metre wide docking area and has a capacity to lift up to 240 tons. It makes this mobile lift the largest in the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern Germany. The lift is suitable for use with a wide variety of ships including fishing vessels, support vessels and ships of the so-called brown fleet. It is also suitable for lifting large catamarans.

We maintain competitive prices based on size and weight. This means we are also affordable for smaller boats. You can call us for a price. Reservations can be made via the contact form or by telephone. NG Ship Lift also has 10,000 m2 of land available. This is used for boat storage, materials, goods or handling and container rental places. There are also opportunities for receiving / transmitting / storing and managing spare parts for ships. Ask us about the many possibilities. Under certain terms conditions it is also permissible to work inside on your boat.

NG Ship Lift is approachable from the sea day and night. Depth from the sea to Lauwersoog is 4.60m at NAP. Depth of the port is 5m at NAP. Depending on weather conditions this means that at mean low tide, vessels with a draft up to 3.5m can reach the port. With an average high tide more than 5m depth is possible. From inland we are accessible via the Robbegatsluis


  • Lift vessels up to 240 tons

  • Lift vessels up to 10 metres wide

  • Safe hoisting with 8 controllable winches

  • Lifting blocks with 3 slings per block

  • 12 Slings to distribute the forces

  • Useable 24/7

  • 10,000 m2 Land for storage

  • Storage space for spare parts

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