Next Generation Shipyards has developed its own design of commercial work boats. Our instantly recognizable Next Generation vessels are built under certification and meet all current requirements for the professional user. The concept we have developed can be adapted to suit your requirements. There is an Next Generation vessel suitable for every application and commercial use. These include taxi boats, crew tenders or specialist survey vessels. Next to that, some of our designs are also suitable for recreational use.


Next Generation Shipyards provides comprehensive service and maintenance for all types of vessels. The Next Generation Ship Repair service is aimed at quickly solving problems, locally whenever possible. In addition to regular and preventive maintenance, we can carry out checks or provide advice. Our large premises on the outer harbor of Lauwersoog makes maintenance work of all most sizes possible. With our broad knowledge and flexible deployment we are able to assist our customers both in and out of the Netherlands.


The Next Generation Ship Lift operates in the outer harbor of Lauwersoog. The lift is the largest in the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern Germany and is capable of lifting ships up to 240 tons. Next Generation Ship Lift is an independent company which provides the lifting and storage of vessels for Next Generation Shipyards and CIV, both located on the outer harbor of Lauwersoog. There is plenty of scope for loading and unloading, repair, maintenance and storage in the area around the lift.


Next Generation Shipyards has its own engineering department with well-trained engineers specified in shipbuilding. NG Shipengineering is carries out projects regarding composing construction- and detailed drawings, supported with calculations for, among other things, propeller shafts, steering- and other installations. Next to that it is also possible to leave your construction process under our supervision. Our engineers have excellent knowledge with regard to different classifications and the associated regulations.


Next Generation Shipyards is constantly looking for sustainable solutions for both our own organisation and the ships we are building. We are always looking for external parties whom want to take responsibility and collaborate with us in both research and practice concerning sustainable solutions. Next Generation Shipyards is one of the pioneers in the development of hydrogen applications within the maritime world.


WindEnergy Hamburg – The global on & offshore event
Datum: 27 – 30 september 2022
Locatie: Hamburg – You find us together with NNOW hal B4 bij stand 415.


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