Next Generation Shipyards builds a variety of specialistic commercial work boats up to a length of approximately 35 metres, You can think of CTV’s for the wind park industry, Pilot Vessels, Research Vessels, Hydrographic Survey Ships and Harbour Support Patrol Vessels.

Our engineers work together with various well-known designers to get the best products. Even if you need an aluminium or a steel ship. We help you to find the right ship design so we can offer a suitable vessel for every application and commercial use.

Our instantly recognizable quality vessels are built under certification and meet all current requirements for the professional user.


Next Generation Shipyards provides maintenance, repair, conversion and refit for specialist work vessels. These activities are carried out on site whenever possible, but also on location where desired. NG Shiprepair and NG Shipyards have a workforce of 70 employees for all types of work and is able to act.

Our highly qualified engineers, welders, painters, fitters, electricians and interior builders help you to stay operational.


Next Generation Shipyards is using a ship lift facility instead of a drydock. Our shiplift with a capacity of 242 tons gives a continuous availability to put ships on shore, where work can be done efficiently with all necessary facilities.

Subject to conditions and site rules, also third parties are permitted to carry out work under their own management or to have it carried out.

For emergency case our shiplift and a repair team is 24/7 available.


Next Generation Shipyards has an engineering’s department with experienced architects specified in shipbuilding

This department operates within the entire team of the yard, where it carries out projects in the field of making construction- and detail drawings, supported by calculations for propeller shafts, control, navigation and other installations. Our engineers are well acquainted with the rules of the various classifications, flag states and the associated regulations.


Next Generation Shipyards is constantly looking for sustainable solutions for both our own organisation and the ships we are building. We are always looking for external parties whom want to take responsibility and collaborate with us in both research and practice concerning sustainable solutions. Next Generation Shipyards is one of the pioneers in the development of hydrogen applications within the maritime world.


WindEnergy Hamburg – The global on & offshore event
Datum: 27 – 30 september 2022
Locatie: Hamburg – You find us together with NNOW hal B4 bij stand 415.


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