NG Ship engineering produces construction drawings, calculations and working drawings for propeller shafts, steering and other installations on behalf of third parties. Our engineers have excellent knowledge with regard to various classifications and the associated regulations. We offer project support and / or construction supervision during construction on other sites. This can be done on behalf of the yard or the client. In 2017 we were allowed to do the engineering and project management for the construction of the Javelin 25.25 “Patriot” for Braveheart Marine.

NG Shipyards has its own engineering department with well-trained engineers in the field of shipbuilding. They work out schemas and do the detail engineering. For example, a lot of details are already laid down in the cutting package before the start of a new ship to be built, so that a product improvement and an acceleration of the construction process can be realized. For the design of new ships, we work closely with a naval architect. An example of this is the design assignment from MSU (Moscow University) for the development of a ship for permafrost research.

D95 - General Plan | Next Generation Shipyards


  • Designing

  • Detailing

  • Project support

  • Building support & supervision

  • Building with quality approval

  • Advice on regulations

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